Rain (3-16-15)

Happy birthday Spencer and Ella! I would sing you the Mañanitas but you’ll just have to look it up on YouTube instead!

Gray skies

Gray skies

This week was like I was home. It rained a lot. But the difference is that here when it rains no one can do anything. Or better, they don’t want to. They just stay in their house with tea and they don’t leave. So that’s good for us to find people in their homes but we got pretty wet. And when I told the people that it’s like this all the time where I live, they said, “ohhh that’s why everyone’s so white.”

We are hoping to have the baptism for the sister the week after general conference, we are pretty excited.  Also I’ll tell you the story about the dog in May because it’s a lot to type.

This week was a pretty normal week. We drank a lot of tea and went to bed early every night. Also I did a little better at taking pictures this week.

I love you all!

How I stay warm in all this rain.

How I stay warm in all this rain.

3-16-15 halley bundled up


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