Hola (4-27-15)

4-27-15hermana mones y yo2

HOLLLLLA familia

This week was good. We found a lot of new people to teach and most of them accepted dates to be baptized… looks like everyone’s going to get baptized after the 25th of May.

Yesterday we knocked the door of a family that we talked to in the street about 2 weeks ago. They told us they had been waiting for us. So we got to know them a little bit; they are Catholic but don’t practice the religion. We started sharing a little bit about what we will be teaching them and the things they will be doing in order to receive more blessings. Then all of a sudden we hear a whistling and one of the little girls standing in front of the front door got wind and dirt thrown at her, it was like a little tornado in front of their house. They said it was a sign, because every time they get close to listening to missionaries or reading a pamphlet, something happens. So they decided that this time they are going to listen and put their life back in order. They are really a cute little family.

Also this week Hermana Rosa started working on her family history and when she is a member she is going to do their work.  Friday we will go to the stake center to work with her to be able to find more family.

There is a missionary that is serving from this ward and her families aren’t members and never listened to the missionaries…until now 🙂 This week we visited them and for the first time her dad listened, participated, and said the prayer. Little baby steps are what we need right now.

I hope everyone is doing great!  Nos vemos pronto:)

Hermana Jacob

Hermana Mones y yo

Hermana Mones y yo

4-27-15 isis with her pencil2

Isis with her pencil

Isis with her pencil


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