Hola! (3-9-15)

This week was normal. But I didn’t take pictures… oops.

This week we have been working a lot with a family that we found a few weeks ago. When we met them they all thought they were members, then later we found out that no, the daughter was never baptized. It’s like we are teaching 4 investigadores, we just can’t baptize 3 of them because they are already members. It’s been really beautiful; the first lesson we had, the mom told us that she was only listening because the church teaches good things to help families but that she doesn’t believe that it’s the true church or that we have a prophet. So we have been working really hard, teaching everything from the start, and we have seen miracles. Yesterday in gospel principles she said that she knows it’s the true church and that Thomas S. Monson is a prophet. We almost started crying. The dad told us that he is reading his Book of Mormon every day and they are praying together every night so that he can feel more worthy to receive the priesthood and baptize his daughter. She is 13 and her brother will be turning 18 and has told us he wants to prepare to be a missionary. We are pretty happy. I’m going to come back to Mexico when they go through the temple. 🙂

This week was been good; the sun is out a lot more and we aren’t cold at night. And I’m also getting my tan back. Oh and also this week we saved a baby from getting eaten by a really hungry dog. But that’s a story I’ll share in May.

I hope everyone is doing great, keeping the commandments, having family nights, and being missionaries

Love Hermana Jacob


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