Hermana Mones (4-20-15)


This week was good, it was just one of those weeks where we walked and walked and walked and walked more and got more burnt. But these weeks just mean that there is something great around the corner.

Hermana Mones and kids

Hermana Mones and kids

4-20-15 Hermana Mones2

 Hermana Mones

Hermana Mones

My companion is great; she’s from the state of Mexico and only has 4 months in the mission. She finished her training with Hermana Betti (mi hija) for one transfer and now she’s a sister training leader. She has more charity than almost anyone, (but not as much as my mom) and she super funny. It’s sad we are only going to be together for 6 weeks but I feel better that I’ll leave my area in good hands.

Hermana Mones and her LDS pencil

Hermana Mones and her LDS pencil

This transfer we have 6 companionships of sisters instead of 4. So we are going to be in entercambios all the time. But good news, Hermana Betti is still one of the sisters in my district.  The mission finally received more American sisters and 2 are in our zone.

I’m starting to think about what to bring home…lots of spicy candy with chile and tamarindo spoons. 🙂

I love you all! And thank you for all the photos and letters!

Sarita. Rosa's dog had puppies.

Sarita. Rosa’s dog had puppies.


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