He Lives (3-30-15)

Hola! I’m never going to get trunky. Never. De hecho (in fact), when I get back I’m just going to work with the missionaries all day long.



This week was good and fast. I didn’t get burned and it didn’t rain so we are good. We had a baptism for a girl that has been waiting just about forever to be baptized. So we got the ok from the leaders and went with it. Her service was super pretty and super-fast before the General Conference.

Also Saturday the video finally came out #becausehelives and we have been able to share it with people.  Every day in the street when we talk to people we have little cards and we tell them we have a video to share with them. It’s really beautiful because no one really understands why we are celebrating or what Easter is about; they just know they don’t have to go to school. So when we can share with them what it means that Christ lives, they start to understand they have to look for him.

It doesn’t matter how many times I watch the video I feel like crying every time. How blessed are we to really understand the atonement and what that means for us.  He lives and through grace and mercy we have as much potential as Him.




Hna Jacob

District activity

District activity

 we ate cactus last night

we ate cactus last night

Family night

Family night


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