Short but long. (2-2-2015)

Leadership council

Leadership council

This week was a good one.  Short but long; super hard but rewarding.

We went to Guadalajara (I feel like I write that like every week) for a leadership council so we can present all the information to the missionaries. We did something a little different. Every month we have goals for baptisms but we never reach them. so president thought we needed to understand what it feels like to reach goals. So we all got balloons and set goals and then worked really hard to reach them. Then we set more goals based on the things we learned the first time and we were able to get better.

2-2-15 mi companera2

 Mi companera

Mi companera

2-2-15 popped them all

Then we popped them all!

Then we popped them all!

It was really surprising the things we were able to learn from this little activity. Like the fact that we need to work together and that sometimes we have different skills then our companion. or we need to have more faith in our goals and not compare ourselves to other people. Or that we can look at the quality of the balloons and there are some that aren’t quite strong converts.  I took a lot of pictures of the activity. It was fun because these counsels are always really serious and strict and this time we got to have a little fun.

Also this week they took away Hermana Taylor so we are only two now. Kinda sad. It feels like we can’t work as hard with only 2 people.

All my Mexican clothes.

All my Mexican clothes.

In this picture I decided to put on all the Mexican clothes I own.

I hope everyone is doing great! Thank you for your letters! and the discursos that you sent me (I don’t remember how they are called). It sounds like everyone is doing great, with the house and the boat and school and church. but you all have to take better care of mom so she doesn’t get sick again.

Hermana Jacob


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