Hola (3-2-15)

3-2-15 me in a chair Hola,

For the last 3 months of my mission I was going to train again, because that’s the vision of president, that the leaders can train and then those missionaries they train can be leaders right away. But instead of that he has kept me as sister training leader in Morelia. I am also staying to help my companion in some areas that she needs and also there are a lot of new leaders that he want to keep me here to help as long as I can.

When I watched the “Meet the Mormons” movie I started thinking of some things I want to do with my life but I’m not going to tell you right now :). It’s really not anything big; I’m just replanning what I’m going to do after the mission. I’m not even sure what it will be because I feel like that’s revelations that I’ll receive after the mission, right now’s not the time.

3-2-15 my zone

3-2-15zone conference2

3-2-15zone conference 3-2-15 hermana Moncada in the cousel of leaders

This week we went to Guadalajara and had a counsel. We talked a lot about goals and intermediate goals. And that if we don’t work hard EVERYDAY and if we aren’t obedient EVERYDAY we can’t expect to reach our goal like Heavenly Father wants. We watched the video of Joseph Smith about Zion and how Joseph and the brothers were tested in their obedience. There are a lot of times we aren’t going to understand why we have a commandment or why we have to do something, but we need to do it even when it’s not easy and blessings will come.

I love you all,

Be obedient 🙂

Hermana Jacob

Look at this really big rabbit!

Look at this really big rabbit!


2 thoughts on “Hola (3-2-15)

  1. My son, Elder Clifford, is in the picture of the zone! Is it ok if I copy it for his scrapbook? He has sent us maybe 5 pictures in the 9 months he has been serving, so seeing that picture made me so happy!!

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