Halloween (11-3-14)

Hola familia,

This week I went to Guadalajara again. super fun, we didn’t sleep the night before because Hermana Valdez was afraid of cockroaches climbing on her in the night, because we were sleeping on the floor because the other hermanas here staying with us. So we just slept on the bus.

Also this weekend we had stake conference and a member of the Quorum of the 70 came; Elder Montoya. We talked about the work of salvación. Also Saturday all the members from Zihua came in a bus. I really realized how much I really love the members there. In the conference, came a little family that we reactivated, my converts, and also a family of investigators. Remember the family Chavez? Their son was killed and we found them through a reference. Most of the time that I was there is Zihua the Hermano just wanted to argue about the book of Mormon and how there is no evidence in Mexican history that it’s true and other things that have no relevance. And during all of this the mom was in depression. We worked so hard with them, even though it was frustrating and hard. But Saturday when I saw them I just wanted to cry. Never would I have thought they would come; but they found me and first asked my I abandoned them and then proceeded to tell me that they are all going to be baptized and that they needed to thank me.  They also said that they know it’s true and that Hermana Betti and I had a big part in their lives. This is a moment I will never ever forget. This is why I’m here. The church is true and the plan of salvation is our hope.

Halloween candy
Halloween candy

Also we took a picture of candy that an investigador gave us for Halloween.

I love you all!

Hermana Jacob


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