No Transfer. (10-27-14)

Hola!!! I didn’t have transfers. at the end of this cambio I’m going to have 9 months in the same zone. But I’m happy. Super happy. Also happy because Troiahna is having her birthday!!! Feliz Cumpleaños!

Hermana Valdez's birthday!

Hermana Valdez’s birthday!

Hermana  Valdez cake face

This week I DID take pictures. You are welcome. This week Hermana Valdez turned 20 and  our district leader went home so we have a fiesta after our district meeting. We ate pan de muerto y cake. and drank a lot of milk.  There is a tradition in Mexico that when it’s your birthday you have to take a bite of your cake and when you do it someone smashes your face in the cake. I had the privilege of doing that.

10-27-14 food at district party 10-27-14 district party 10-27-14 district

also a hermana in the ward had her birthday and invited us and our investigator over to eat pasole that she had made. That Saturday we ate lunch two times.



Birthday with Hermana's family.

Birthday with Hermana’s family.



This photo is of a family we are teaching. They live super close to us and always feed us.  They sell food in the street every night so we eat good. (especially if we help them set everything up.) They go to another christian church so it’s been hard for them to come to church but finally we did it; we taught them a lesson that was super awesome and they came to church and they liked it!  We are super happy.

10-27-14 family we are teaching. She feeds us well 2. 10-27-14 family we are teaching. She feeds us well.

I thought I was going to have cambios so I took a photo with Hermano Ranulfo. He’s an investigator that came with us to general conference. I guess he really doesn’t like photos taken of him but I took one anyway. We are sitting outside of his little store/house.

10-27-14 hermano ranulfo

Halloween treats

Halloween treats

I think that’s all the photos.  This week for Halloween I think we might have to go home a little early but here they don’t really celebrate Halloween just Day of the Dead but that’s in November, so we will see how that is.

10-27-14 churros

oh also this week we ate churros filled with strawberry. I’m in love with churros.

I love you all!

Hermana Jacob


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