Hola todos! (10-20-14)

Again I don’t have a lot of photos. I will repent. I hope Devon had a great birthday!

Dad to answer our question about being a newbee; it’s weird really. Even though I’m not a newbee anymore, I feel like I just started and I really feel inadequate.  I think we will always feel like that if we understand our callings that we have in life.

This letter is going to be super short because the cyber that we are using has the slowest computers that have ever existed! I’m working on the attribute of patience.

Hermana Micaela

Hermana Micaela

This week I was able to go on divisions to Zihua, to my old area. It was super nice. I missed it a lot and i got to see Hermana Micaela. She was someone I found; a Jehovah Witness. We taught her and she’s going to be baptized in 2 weeks. It’s just sad I won’t be there for it.

Thank you for all your prayers and thank you for everything.

Les amo mucho,

Hermana Jacob


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