Gracias por sus cartas! (9-8-14)

9-8-14 hma Christen

We are better this week. No one was too sick. So we had all these plans to talk to a million people and have a million lessons and then we were told we had to go to Guadalajara. I went to a conference with all the zone leaders and sister training leaders.  I think because I’m training. Maybe he will have me train again this transfer.  We will see. Anyway, that took up about 3 days and then we had zone conference and that took a day. So our area was a little bit lonely, but I got to see Hermana Christen again and everyone In Guacamayas.   It was nice.

us with our hijas

Us with our hijas

9-8-14 training conference 9-8-14 zone sisters

All the sisters in my zone.

All the sisters in my zone.

This week we went to visit one of our Investigators who has been going to church with us and she told us that when we first knocked on her door (when we were actually looking for someone else) and started teaching her, she felt like a little kid, but right now, now that she’s going to church and reading and progressing, she feels like she growing bigger.  It was so cute; I love her so much.  It’s true, we are here on the earth to learn about the plan of salvation, we can learn other things but they are all extra. When we can come closer to our heavenly father that is when we are progressing.

We were able to visit the less active member who lost her daughter. She came to church with us and stayed all 3 hours, even though she didn’t think she would be able too. She also wanted to share her testimony but was too nervous. So we are going to share our testimonies together this next fast Sunday.

I’m sending photos of Zitlali. Carlitos and Meli. We went to visit them yesterday. I’m going to miss them so much, they are super great kids.

9-8-14 zitlali carlitos and meli 3 9-8-14 zitlali carlitos and meli 2 9-8-14 zitlali carlitos and meli

A photo of when we went to visit a family in our ward yesterday. They are always in their little store outside their house on Sundays and they weren’t there! Que milagro! Last Sunday we had a lesson with the mom about the Importance of the family and the Sabbath day, and just like that, they all just went to the beach together instead of working on Sunday. We were so happy we took a picture.

9-8-14 store closed

I love you all. I have cambios this Monday so I’m pretty sure I won’t have time to write.

Hermana Jacob

we are eating tuna. it tastes like a cucumber and an apple put together in one fruit.

We are eating tuna. It tastes like a cucumber and an apple put together in one fruit.

 what i eat to stay awake

What I eat to stay awake

Our apartment...where we study

Our apartment…where we study

Where we sleep

Where we sleep

our kitchen

our kitchen


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