4 hour craft session (9/1/14)

Thanks for all your letters!

I feel like I’ve come a long way in 9 months. It’s not hard to be bold when I know that the message we are sharing is true and it’s why this person is here on the earth. And really I love these people. I loved everyone in my other two areas, but here it feels different. I know that when I do come back I’m going to come to Zihua to visit everyone, and also to finally go to the beach.  Someday when we are all rich we should come here on vacation. 

I feel bad I don’t have photos this week. We were stuck in the house half of the week because I had a little cold and Hermana Camarillo didn’t want us to leave the house.  We did some crafts and I slept a lot. I’m sending one picture of Hermana Betti after her 4 hour craft session. 

9-1-14 betti craft session

This week we were able to find a couple of people who are super great. We were able to find another less active member who was baptized with her daughter but then her daughter got sick and she lost her and then she became inactive. We found her and she told us that she knows she needs to come back to the church because if she wants to live with her daughter after this life she needs to live the gospel.  She has a son who’s not a member, so I think we will be working with this family a lot. 

It’s starting to cool down here a little. We had rain the past 4 days. Now the only problem is how to dry clothes after we wash them. I’m going to take pictures of my house to send you; it’s actually super nice and big. I feel like we live in the great and spacious building. 

I love you all

Hermana Jacob


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