Things to know if you’re going to Mexico.

  • You don’t need to spray all your clothes with the strong bug repellent. You’re going to wash your clothes so much it won’t matter.
  • Bring more clothes than your call packet says. It’s harder to find nice not expensive clothes, especially tops.
  • Bring a sweatshirt and jacket you can wear proselytizing, during the winter. It still gets cold.
  • Buy a pocket sized yellow dictionary in the MTC on main campus.
  • You only need a converter if you have something with 3 prongs that needs to be plugged in.
  • Bring your English hymn book and be ready to teach your companion English.
  • Don’t buy new scriptures in English before your mission. You won’t really use them because you give you new ones in Spanish.
  • In the MTC buy the little books of Mormon in English to gift to your companions.
  • Buy the scripture cases in the MTC and also the scripture tabs that work with preach my gospel.
  • Use mesh garments.
  • You can find contact solution here.

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