Things to know before the mission.

  • Always bring blazers even if your call packet doesn’t say so, you will need them for zone meetings and interviews with your president.
  • Buy demi Downeast shirts and bring a couple because they get worn out fast.
  • Bring skirts that cover your knees when you sit down. You won’t be comfortable in skirts that come to your knees or just below when standing.
  • Bring your own blanket to the MTC. Also bring another smaller blanket to use during the mission when you have to travel. Buses are always cold.
  • Bring photos of your baptism, your family, and your temple.
  • Bring other photos of temples, quotes, and your family to decorate your planners with every transfer.
  • Tell everybody about “Dear Elder” it’s free to the MTC.
  • Memorize the missionary purpose and the first vision in the language of your mission.
  • In the MTC buy a little preach my gospel and the packet of scripture tabs that work with preach my gospel.

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