Feliz Cumpleaños Papa (8/11/14)

agua de horchata

agua de horchata

Well, funny story, I actually did get a little sick from drinking the water from the bag. It was only 2 pesos and we are poor. I didn’t get super sick, we still went out to teach, but this last week I bought a empanada from some kids that climbed onto our bus. It was really good; it was coconut. The next day we were in the house all day because I was super sick. I learned my lesson. My whole district knows the story so when we went for our zone conference this week everyone was trying to get me to buy another empanada.  Even the random strangers behind me were getting into it, everyone was telling me how I should eat one because I was in Mexico and the kids wouldn’t leave and just kept persisting. I think you had to be there but it was really funny, the whole bus was looking back at us at all the commotion. 

Mom, I think my favorite food here is just the Mexican taquitos with the lettuce, cheese, salsa, guacamole (which I like now) and tomatoes (which I like now also). But really I’m just in love with tortillas. I’m going to make then when I come home because I’m pretty sure I can’t eat a meal without them. Also we are going to make fresh salsa every night for dinner. I’m still learning and collecting recipes so we can have Mexican fiestas every day. 

We need to but a really nice hammock. I would buy one here but it’s kind of heavy. But I think our house needs one. We can hook one end to where we have the swing in the living room and the other to something else. 

This week was super super great. The youth just got back from EFY. They all came back with ganas to be missionaries. We saw a couple of them in the street Saturday when they got back and it was great. They were like practically jumping up and down telling us all about it. 2 non- members went and came back asking when they can be baptized. We had a date set for one of them for his baptism but because he was gone all week we couldn’t teach him everything. So this week we are teaching him all 5 lessons. It’s a lot but he said he needs to be baptized this weekend because he can’t wait.  We are also teaching his friend who is a little older. They are both going to be baptized this Saturday and both want to serve full time missions! We are just super happy.

Yesterday we had 8 investigadores at church and all but them but one have dates to be baptized. For two weeks in a row we have had the most investigadores at church out of everyone in our zone. So our area is doing really good and we are happy. This week we also found 13 new people to teach and put dates almost every day. Missionary life is great. Thank you for all your prayers! 

This is a picture of a really scary spider I found.

8-11-14 scary spider

This is a picture of the trek we take to visit some investigadores. It’s a family we found who are progressing but they live wayyyy up in the hills where there are no roads for cars. It was actually a miracle we found their house the first time. It’s like climbing a mountain, Hermana Betti only fell once. 

8-11-14 big hill 8-11-14up

8-11-14my area

I love you all. Have a great week!

Hermana Jacob

That is some narrow alley.

That is some narrow alley.

My planners.

My planners.


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