2 Baptisms (8/18/14)

Hola todos. 

8-18-14 Ruben baptism 8-18-14 Ruben baptism2

Ruben/Hermano Armando Baptism

Ruben/Hermano Armando Baptism

This week was super super great, we worked super hard. Hermana Betti was sick with some super random weird infection in her stomach, but despite that, our number for total lessons was higher than before. We also taught Hermano Armando all the lessons in about 5 days.  It was great he understood everything and was super ready to learn. 

we had their baptism Saturday! It was so so great. Everyone came; all of their friends and they were so happy. Ruben, the tall one, had the dad of his friend baptize him, because that’s how he came to know the church.  Hermano Armando, his counselor from EFY, came from Lazaro to baptize him. He’s blind. (he is not blinking in all the photos.) Their relationship is really special, because Armando doesn’t have any support from his family.  His counselor is kind of his older brother. Ruben doesn’t have support from his family either, but it’s really special because they really have a determination to learn and change things in their lives because they know the church in true. 

Some more great news… President told us, at this last zone conference, that we are now allowed to play soccer and sports! But only with other missionaries; not with members and elders and hermanas can’t play together. That kind of means I’ll probably never play soccer here, but I have the option now. 

The mission President also told us that he has been thinking about letting us go to the temple. The temple is out of our zone and he is going to start sending the zones in Guadalajara first. So from now on if we are lucky enough to have an area in Jalisco, we can take a day and go to the temple.  We are all pretty excited, except for the fact that we are furthest that you can get from Guadalajara and it might take a while before we actually get to go. 

Thank you mom and nana and papa for your help. I’ve been working on filling out everything in my family history, and I love doing this.


Family History chart

Family History chart

I hope everyone is having a great week with starting school.

Les quiero mucho. 

Hermana Jacob


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