Soy Una Mama

Us with our 3 new babies.

Us with our 3 new babies.

This week has been crazy but it’s been really good. We went to Guadalajara to pick up our babies and then we left for our areas. Its 10 hours to our area from the mission office so we had time to get to know each other. The picture is of us with our new companions. 

Hermana Betti

Hermana Betti

My companion is Hermana Betti she is from Argentina and her Spanish is definitely not what I’ve been learning so it’s been interesting trying to communicate. We are both learning Mexican Spanish. It’s gotten to the point a few times where people understand me better than her. How great is that! I feel like I’m standing at the top of a mountain! I’ve made it! I speak Spanish! But then we talk to someone different and I realize that I still have a long way to go. ha-ha But it’s good. Hermana Betti is super fun. She’s so excited to be here. Sometimes a little too much; when someone doesn’t accept our message or doesn’t jump up to accept the baptism invitation she starts feeling hopeless because it’s not as easy as she thought. But we are going, learning, and talking to everyone. We don’t have a huge pool of investigators because the elders before us never updated the area book. Ugh.

We have a girl with a date to be baptized but her teaching record is nowhere in the house. So that’s fun. Also when we got to our house it was a wreck; we could barely walk in the house with so much trash everywhere. Elders!!!!!… Then we didn’t have power for 2 days because the Elders didn’t pay the bill.  It’s been an adventure but the members here are super nice. 

My new area

My new area

It’s super pretty here, just as hot if not hotter than my last area.  It’s a bigger city than Guacamayas and there are a lot more hills. I’m going to have to get used to that. But it’s super fun. 


It sounds like you all had a super fun week this week on trek. I’m sorry I missed it.


I miss you all super a lot. 


Hermana Jacob



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