Plan de Salvación


Zihu is great. Super-hot, but we are learning our way around and talking to everyone. 

Here our ward is super super great, I really love it. Everyone wants to help us and we have received so many references this week. The ward here is made up of a lot of new converts and it’s a super strong ward. They are all pretty young, so they want to go with us to teach people and everything. 

This week we had 2 family nights. That’s how awesome our ward is, but yeah I’ll stop saying that. We had one FHE at the church that we have every Thursday night.  Then a sister invited a family from her work to her house and a lot of people from church came and Hermana Betti and I taught the plan de salvación. It was super fun. Everyone got a piece of paper with part of the plan, with scriptures and places to find more information, and they each had to draw it then present it. The Elders explained how the atonement made everything possible and how without Christ we could never live with Heavenly Father again. It was super simple but so much fun. The family wants to be baptized, but they don’t actually live in our area so it’s for the other Elders to follow up on. I think we are going to be planning a lot of family nights in this area. I’m excited. 

We are in the ward choir. We actually don’t sound bad. I have a solo. Weird huh; in the states I’m a horrible singer, but here people think I’m good. So we’ll see. 

We didn’t have our baptism this week which was sad, but we are working with her, she’s just scared of the water. But Elder Bautista and his companion are going to visit her a lot this week and teach her so she has trust in them. His name is Bautista so it’s going to all work out fine. 

Thanks for the package! I love the skirt!

Thanks for the package! I love the skirt!

This week we had a zone meeting. (I got my package!!!! Thank you! So much!) We learned of a change that’s happening with missionaries. Now before baptism every investigator needs to have lesson 5, which is about temples and family history and the priesthood. It’s super exciting because these things are what set us apart from other churches and there are people waiting to hear about it, waiting to hear that families can be together forever.

Overall this week was good. I miss you all.  I’ll send photos next week for sure. 

Hermana Jacob



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