I’m Leaving (6/23/14)

I'm leaving. :(

I’m leaving. 😦

I love Hermana Castillo

I love Hermana Castillo

6-23-14 (2)

It sounds like everyone had a lot of fun this week! I’m glad Mattie had fun, I’m super jealous and I love the pictures. Have so much fun on trek, take in every moment and write in your journal.  I wish I could go!!  Dad thanks for your help, it’s easy to get frustrated on the mission, but when we remember why we are here, everything is ok. 


We are all in mourning because I am leaving.

We are all in mourning because I am leaving.

Yesterday we got our transfers. I’m being transferred to zihuatanejo. Its only 2 hours from my other area and it’s in the same stake and zone. So that’s nice. And it’s the beach beach. The Elders told me there is a park where we can run in the morning and it’s super gorgeous. So I’m excited. 


My last day at church with these guys.

My last day at church with these guys.

The scary part is that we are opening the area. It used to be Elders but they are leaving. And the Elders also told me their area book is really bad. So we are pretty much starting from scratch. We are going to get to the area not even knowing where the house is. But there are a few members that are going to help us out. 

Today I rode the bus for 8 hours to Guadalajara because tomorrow I’m going to pick up my companion. She is coming straight from the MTC. It’s going to be very very interesting. Pray for me!

Right now I’m staying in my old house in Tlaquepaque for the night. It’s so strange to be back.  Right after this, I’m going to visit the Garcia’s and Noemi. I’m super super excited! It was worth the 8 hours. 

The sad thing is I’m leaving the area right before Martin is going to be baptized. But apparently we are going to have one in my new area too, on Saturday. 

I will tell you all about my adventures Monday. 

felipenses 4:13

les quiero

Hermana Jacob


Some (not all) of my district.

Some (not all) of my district.


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