Argentina (7/14/14)

Me and Betti

Me and Betti

Yesterday Argentina lost (in the world cup) but it’s OK; we are living. This week was really good. This week we contacted a reference we got when we first got here but could never find them. It’s a family of 4, and their son just passed away about a month ago. The dad has a brother he doesn’t really talk to because he made some bad choices in his life. But he has changed since then and became a new person because he found the church. He gave this family a book of Mormon with his testimony about the plan of salvation. The family said they have been waiting for us to explain to them why his brother changed and they know that they need this message in their lives. The mom and dad both have dates to be baptized in August.  The lesson we had was really beautiful and it was a testimony to me that there are people being prepared and we just need to find them. This gospel gives us so much hope and direction. Who are we, members of the church, to not share this gospel that we have.

Dad, I’m turning my English scriptures into a journal and I’m going to put your words with the scripture. We are all called. There are so many people that don’t have the opportunity to hear the gospel. God gave us this church so we could share it. Like dad said, when we are focused more on the plan of salvation it’s easier to forget the honors of men.

My district

My district

This is my district. I like it more that the big district we had before. It’s nice. A little more relaxed.

7-14-14 leaving a BOM

We left some folletos with the Virgin Mary. somos misionaras.

White girls

White girls

7-14-14 white girls2

This is a little store we found. It’s nice to have a white companion this time. We can be gueritas together. They either think we are both from the states or both from Argentina; it’s funny. Or they think I’m from Germany because of the soccer game yesterday. So I just roll with it.

Les quiero mucho. tengan un buen dia.

Hermana Jacoba

We got on a bus with a Puerto Rico flag. Made me think of Devon. :(

We got on a bus with a Puerto Rico flag. Made me think of Devon. 😦


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