!!!Feliz Dia Del Padre!!! (6/16/14)

!!!Feliz dia del padre!!! It sounds like father’s day was really good! Dad are you so excited you got your first clay fish!? How exciting. 

It also sounds like Mattie’s talk was really good. I want a copy.

 Dad, I’m pretty sure we aren’t allowed to use hats for sun protection. If the mission president considers umbrellas unprofessional then the hats would be also. When it rains it’s not too gross to walk in the water, it’s just dirty water. And yes my shoes are holding up perfectly. They are indestructible.

 Mattie’s volleyball games sound pretty intense.  I’m so happy Spencer and Mason are getting lots of work!

 Mom, the mission is going too fast and it’s scary! I have 7 months out! Can you believe it? But yeah I try not to think about it too much; just work hard, that’s all I can do. 

 This week was really good. We have a lot of investigators but it’s hard for them to come to church. It’s one of the hardest things every week. When we invite everyone, have a whole lesson about the importance of church and then when we pass for them in the morning they can’t or they’re not home, it’s just disappointing. But that’s OK. It’s actually kind of funny. We have 2 investigators that have told us that they are never going to be baptized and one doesn’t want us to visit him but they both come to church still. It’s interesting. 

 This is our last week before cambios so I’m hoping nothing changes because I really don’t want to leave. I sweat a lot but I love it here. 

 6-16-14 big bug

This is a picture of a bug we found in our house.

Stretchy skirts

Stretchy skirts

This is a picture of how much weight we have lost in the mission. JK 6-16-14 oranges on heads

 These are grapefruit that Hermana Myra gave us.

 Tengan una buena semana, les quiero 

Hermana Jacob


She is so cute!

She is so cute!


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