The donkey wanted to eat my bag.

The donkey wanted to eat my bag.

"Wild" horses

“Wild” horses

This week was really good. We are exploring our area more because we pretty much know everyone by name that lives in our Colonia and the Colonia de Hermana Myra so we decided that we have to find new people and it’s working really well. Our area is pretty big so we just say we are opening an area and go on an adventure. On one adventure we found “wild” horses. They aren’t wild but they didn’t have a fence. We also found a donkey. We found people to teach too. 🙂

This week we found a lot of really cool people and a few cute little families that I’m so excited to teach. This week I learned how important it is to actually get to know our investigators. Before our first lesson would be about the restoration and we would give them the Book of Mormon but now we just talk to them and ask them about their lives and we tell them about ours. It’s really good because we can know by doing this what part of the gospel they need to hear first and we can teach according to their needs.  There’s never a problem in someone’s life that the gospel can’t help with. 

 6-9-14 castillo, christen, garcia

I took a picture of Hermana Christen and Garcia and my companion. They’re all just so cute. 

 6-9-14 umbrellas 6-9-14 castillo rain

LOTS of rain

LOTS of rain

Ninos in the rain

Ninos in the rain

Also this week it rained. Like a lot!! Everything flooded. We had an appointment with Hermano Augustin. He lived at the end of the street with the picture of Hermana Castillo. She looks scared; but it was fun.


6-9-14 soda garden

Our investigators Hermano Martin (who is getting baptized the week after cambios so I hope I don’t leave) taught us how to make flowers out of soda cans. Now we have a little garden in our house. 

 6-9-14 kids doing halley's hair2

6-9-14 kids doing halley's hair

We have a little family that we are teaching with a bunch of little kids that like to do my hair. It’s sort of painful, but they are cute. 

 Thanks for all the letters. I will read them all this week! I love you all! 

Hermana Jacob

We found a guy making hats and tried one on

We found a guy making hats and tried one on

Look at the really cool graffiti we found

Look at the really cool graffiti we found

More cute puppies

More cute puppies


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