Good Week (6/2/14)

zone conference

zone conference

This week was good, we had water the whole time, we are both learning a lot about our area and finding new people to teach.

 Hermana Castillo is from Chihuahua. Colonia Juarez.  Colonia Juarez is an area that settled the Mormon pioneers so she went to a church high school and her English is perfect. It’s actually hard not to speak English because it’s just so much easier.  It’s fun that we have that secret language that no one understands.  Our sleepovers are just us talking and telling stories.

 That’s great you guys are having the missionaries over. They are probably there right now. Send them home with food. Haha.  I’m sure they will appreciate it. Also, making salsa sounds like fun! When I get home we will have to buy a molcajete and make some salsa Mexico style. esta bien rico.

ninos in the rain

ninos in the rain

So this week I took more photos of my area. One is a photo from our window when it was raining super hard. When we get rain here it’s not like at home it come down and there is lighting and thunder like crazy. It’s actually really fun.

Carmelo and Angelica

Carmelo and Angelica




The other photo is of Carmelo and Angelica. We were in his house and we just casually grabbed his sunglasses he just bought and put them on him. We were laughing and Angelica was just about crying from laughter. “Es por el sol por favor” we laughed so hard. 

 This week met and taught a man named Augustin. He’s a dad of 3 and he was someone that I wouldn’t normally want to talk to because we just didn’t look very friendly.  We had our 3 lesson and he told us that he has started praying like we taught him and that he feels so different in his life. He feels like there is a new light in his life and he wants to know so much so fast. He’s reading the Book of Mormon faster than any investigator we’ve ever had.  Every lesson he just bears his testimony and it’s just so powerful. He knows he needs a purpose for his family and he knows this is true. Ah! This is why I’m here! the only problem is his wife doesn’t want to listen to us or come to church, but this week we are going to bring a couple from the ward and hopefully she will want to know more and they can help us.

 I really really love being a missionary. It’s hard some days when no one is home or people give us wrong addresses or people are rude but that’s ok. There is opposition in everything. But it’s really beautiful and I love this message.

 I love you all so much

Hermana Jacob

Hermana Myra's bird

Hermana Myra’s bird


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