Hermana Castillo (5/19/2014)


Foot wash time for Hermana Castillo

Foot wash time for Hermana Castillo

This week was so good. Hermana Castillo is so great. I feel like Hermana Rueda and Hermana Andrade were like my moms in the mission; and right now we are sisters. So we just pretty much have a sleepover every night and we laugh so so much. Today we had a district activity. Our district is still the biggest in the mission. So it’s pretty fun.

My District  5-2014

My District 5-2014

We are going to have a baptism this week for Hermana angelica. She is going to be the first convert that I found. The other 4 were found by the companionship before me, so I’m super excited. (Hermana Andrade and her companion before me, found Carmello in hablar con todos.) Hermana Angelica is so funny. She doesn’t really have the best memory but she really wants to be baptized and talks about it every day. In every lesson we ask her, “So Hermana do you remember who Joseph Smith is? Her answer was always ” Nuestro señor jesucristo?” “No Hermana Jose Smith restored the church of Jesus Christ; he was a prophet. So Hermana who is Jose Smith?” “Pues, nuestro señor Jesu crist?” She learned a lot better after we had 2 pictures. “Ohhh yeah, they are different people!” It was funny. She’s great.

I’m sorry to hear about Brother Anderson, he was super great. He used to teach our Sunday school class. But how wonderful is it that we have the knowledge of the plan of salvation.

I promise to take more photos this week. And to reply to more emails this next Monday. Time just goes too fast on the mission and about 15 times faster on Mondays in the cyber cafe. I love you guys. Thanks for the emails and the love and the prayers.

Hermana Jacob

Yummy fish dinner!

Yummy fish dinner!


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