This week was so good! (5/5)

Hermana Myra, Fabby and Hermano Carmelo

Hermana Myra, Fabby and Hermano Carmelo

This week was so good! We had our baptism for Carmelo and it was so great. A lot of the ward came and the bishop performed the baptism. He couldn’t talk about anything else during the week he was so excited. And when he walked back into the room after getting dresses after he was baptized he just stood in front of everyone and said, ¨I’m baptized. I’m clean, I’m new. Dios es todo poderoso.¨ Ahh… I just love him.  Last night he told us he has never in his 77 years of life, been this happy.   I just love this because it’s so true. The gospel brings real happiness, when we know we are following the plan of god and when we know Christ and we can follow His example. It humbles me, he doesn’t have much, just a small little room, but he has Christ and that’s all he needs.

I think we have so many investigadores here because everyone is just so humble. This is the poorer part of Mexico. They are so humble and they know that everything they have is from Heavenly Father.

Now some random not important things… During the earthquake, we just stood by our beam that stands in the middle of the house, and we haven’t had any more so that’s good. When we broke in, we have to go ask for the first key to the first door to our house, from the señora, and then we have a little cut out window thing on our front door. Hermana Andrade stands on my knee and reaches in and hooks the door handle with my camera cord and we are in.

Also in my last email I mentioned that I love cheese ice cream; the cheese ice cream is just cheese, not cream cheese and it’s not cheddar, it’s just cheese. Delicioso.

I love all your emails! And I can’t wait to see everyone on Saturday at 5 pm, if that works. I’m super excited!!!!

Dad, that’s exciting about the new bike!

About my shoes(the Keen mary janes)… they are black, but they are always gray because of the dirt.  Every day I am so thankful mom made me bring them; they are lifesavers.

Spanish is coming along. I can understand about 90 percent of everything, it’s just when they use slang or when I ask a question and the respond and it has nothing to do with the lesson, I get a little lost. But no I can understand everything and say everything I need too. It’s still maybe not the correct or more common way to say it but I get my message across and that’s what matters. Yesterday I went on splits with Hermana Christian from Utah; everyone asked if we are sisters & it was kind of funny.

Hermana Christian and Hermana Andrade

Hermana Christian and Hermana Andrade

Mom & dad, your program sounds super fun. Don’t forget your scriptures too! How did your family home evening go this week?

I got your package!!!! Thank you so much!!! I’m so in love with the book (Reflections of Christ),so so much. I cant stop reading it over and over and over and over. The calendar is so pretty. Thank you! Ahh… the book. Mom & dad you guys are so amazing. Thank you so much! i love you both! When I got the package everyone was commenting on my laptop covered with the Virgin Mary.

Dad i got your talk; it was really good. I never really know how to answer the questions about when all worthy males were able to receive the priesthood but now I’m prepared! Thank you!

I love you all so much. I will talk you on Saturday!!!!

Hermana Jacob

The Hermanas and Hermana Myra

The Hermanas and Hermana Myra

A puppy named Blue

A puppy named Blue


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