Hola! Aloha! (4/14)





Because I don’t have a lot of time now or ever again, I’m going to have to reply to the emails that are from the week before and print the emails from this week to read and reply the next week if that makes sense.

But this week was good; there is progress being made in this area.

It looks like you guys are having a lot of fun in Hawaii, don’t get too sunburnt or anything. You’ll have to send me the next email of all your adventures and more pictures.

In our mission we can’t use umbrellas because we would look too much like Jehovah’s Witnesses. They are everywhere. And they all look like us but with umbrellas. So instead, we use Libros de Mormon as our paraguas or folletos. So it’s good. But really they are everywhere and they are aggressive. I have a handful of invitations to their big event this week to celebrate the crucifixion. I think they all think they need to save us.

That’s super awesome to hear about Spencer’s experience blessing the sacrament, it like made me cry, wish I could have been there. And mom I’m jealous of your new sewing machine! Maybe we can share when I come home? Ha-ha

Also, I am able to print things here; it’s about a peso a piece. Also I can get mail just as easy as before. Because the zone leaders have to go to Guadalajara for their meetings with president, they just pick everything up when they are there.

When we have transfers we find out at about 5 o’clock on Sunday and we leave in the morning Monday. And when I had to transfer, I was with other hermanas and elders so I wasn’t alone. And it was a super nice bus, no chickens or animals or anything.



Guacamayas is just a little town, just a working town. We do eat more fish here than Guadalajara but we aren’t on the beach, that’s a different mission. This area is new to the mission as of about 2 months ago.

Mom, that is super super exciting about Papa Raines. I’m so happy!! Like I can’t believe it! This experience is what every missionary wants on their mission and yeah I’m just so happy for him. Voy a escribirle.

In our area we have our “Mom”. Her name is Myra and she is the best ever. She doesn’t have any kids; we are her kids. She feeds us all the time and lets us wash our clothes at her house and she always comes with us to our lessons. She has given us so many references just because she tells everyone she meets about the gospel because she knows that this gospel is what makes her happy and she really just wants to share that. It’s amazing. I want to be like her someday. Because we really need the help of the members and that’s something I never realized before my mission.  I can’t wait till you all study the talk by Elder Ballard!

My district

My district

I still don’t have a picture of my companion. I know I’m a slacker. But in the picture of my district I’m not standing with her, she’s to my right 2 people. We will hopefully take some tonight or tomorrow before out interviews with the president. But I do have some pictures of my area and some food.




Hermana Jacob


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