Transfer! (4/1)

Goodbye Hermana Rueda

Goodbye Hermana Rueda


I had transfers yesterday and that’s why I wasn’t able to send my email on the regular day. I was on a bus for about 8 hours.

on the bus to my new area

on the bus to my new area

My new area is Guacamayas in Lazaro Cardenas in Michoacán.

I was telling everyone in my area how much I missed the beach so I was sent here where it’s about 120 degrees and humid.  Yes, God has a sense of humor. It’s super super hot and I feel like I just got out of the pool and I’m drying off. So it’s kind of gross and I kind of can’t breathe it’s so hot.  Yesterday I was welcomed to my apartment by a huge flying cockroach that I killed with the plunger. So yea it’s a little different than my other area. My companion is Hermana Andrade and she’s great.

It was super sad to leave my area; I really do love the people there. It was super hard to say goodbye to Noemi and to Stephanie.  I told them I would come back and visit, so I guess I have too now.



the Garcia family

the Garcia family

We don’t have much time to write because it’s not p-day so I’ll write more next week and send all of my thousands of pictures

Les Amo,

Watch general conference!!!!

Hermana Jacob


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