Hola Todos (3/24)

Hola todos,

This week we had the baptism of Guadalupe Lizith. Her parents aren’t members but her grandparents are menos activos.  We have been working with her since I got here. So I pretty much love her a lot. She was super happy to get a CTR ring from me. (so thank you Mom for sending them) It was great.  I gave the talk on the Holy Ghost. It was more like a bunch of words in bad Spanish. I was asked to give the talk about 20 seconds before I gave it. So as you can tell, baptisms here aren’t as organized  as at home. But it was good.  She also had her birthday and invited us to her house so I had real cake!

real cake

This week I found me a “Charlie”. Noemi got a new puppy and I’m in love. Her name is Uñeca and she loves me and we are best friends.

My best friend

My best friend



This week we had divisiones and it was really good. We always have one every transfer with the hermanas that are in charge of the area.  It was good.  I also learned that we can’t use umbrellas for the sun. So now I’m really going to die.

It’s been about 100 degrees here according to Spencer’s thermometer.  During the nights I take a cold shower and sleep with the fan about half a foot from my head. I think our house is about 150 degrees. But hey, it’s Mexico and it’s all part of the experience.

This next Sunday is cambios so we will see if I leave this area or if Hermana Rueda and I stay juntas. I kind of want a change but I don’t want to leave this area; I really love the people. And Stephanie probably won’t be able to get baptized this week and I really want to be here for that. But whatever happens happens for a reason and everything will work out.

This is a  photo from our zone conference with President and Hermana Camarillo.

Mi Zona

Mi Zona

Oh, also I discovered that in the tianguiz I can buy granola entones estoy muy feliz. Tianguiz are like farmers market but better! They are amazing; they have food and things and clothes. I’ll try to send a picture next time.  I also really miss lasagna, we don’t have that here. People don’t use their ovens very much. Only to store their pots and pans. But there is one Hermana we taught English and she makes us casseroles. Everyone is amazed by the casseroles and I just love it because it’s like home.


Les quiero mucho y les extraño,

Hermana Jacob


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