Hola! (3/17)


Stephanie and Elian

Stephanie and Elian

Stephanie and her family

Stephanie and her family

This week was good, we didn’t end up having our baptism because Stephanie’s dad couldn’t baptize her, and we have to wait another few weeks. But this week we have another baptism. She is 9 and her parents aren’t members but her grandparents are. So that’s super exciting. She’s great and for being 9 she has a really strong testimony and she is going to bless her family so much by being baptized.

As for other investigadores we mostly go pick them up on Sundays unless they have families that are going to church too. We are reactivating/teaching this one part member family and yesterday we had 9 members of their family there, two are investigadores.

This week we lost an investigada because her husband won’t let her come to church, be we will still teach her and be her friends. It’s just hard when so many people are stuck in the Catholic Church because of tradition. But this week we have a lot of lessons with new investigadores and I know Heavenly Father is preparing people every day.

Hermano Severo is a really good example to his family and we tell him every day how important this is. So with time hopefully his family will want to learn more.  He is the most amazing convert. He has a testimony that this is true and everything that comes with it; he just said yes and goes to work. We had a lesson with him on the importance of missionary work and he’s excited. He is a taxi driver and shares his religion with people and it’s great. It makes me sad to think that I, who has been a member my whole life, didn’t share the gospel like I could have but Severo, who’s been a member for a month, is so excited and just goes to work every day trying to be better.

Dad, I really love what you said about church.  I feel the exact same way during the week. Some days are hard and we don’t have any success and there are other days where we just have the spirit so strong and people keep commitments and it makes everything worth it. If everything were always super great we wouldn’t have to make an effort to feel the spirit or have faith.

Thank you for everyone’s letters!


Hermana Jacob


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