Happy Birthday Spencer and Ella!!! (3/10)

Happy birthday Spencer and Ella!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope this week is great, and I should be sending your packages next week. So you should get them like in a year, just kidding, but really.

This week was good. The mission is full of miracles and heartbreaks.

We are planning right now two baptisms for two 9 year olds part of part member families.  We have 3 more fetchas. But the thing is that we have dates for these people but if they don’t come to church 5 times between now and then, we have to move their date. Also, this week the daughters of Severo called and said they don’t want any more lessons. It’s just so so heartbreaking because they know it’s true. We still teach Severo (their father) in his home and we are all still friends so we just have to trust in the Lord that everything will work out. Like mom said, maybe in the future with other missionaries or maybe his grand kids will join the church in the future.

my planner.

my planner.

It’s been good; we have had a lot of work and a lot of lessons. We have other investigadors who know it’s true and have a testimony; it’s just really hard for them to follow through in commitments because it’s just different from how they have been living. but i believe in miracles and i know the Lord is working with us in this obra.

This week started cuaresma. On Wednesday the Catholics all had crosses made from ash on their foreheads and the Garcia’s didn’t sell hamburgers because there’s a lot of people not eating meat. It’s really odd.

Today we had a zone activity, and it was pretty fun. We played dodge ball with socks. and then afterwards had pizza. Normal American pizza. But with hot sauce and mustard.

my zone

my zone

These photos are of more food;   Churros, with lemon and salt and hot sauce (our snack during weekly planning) and delicious taquitos.

I’m in love with everyone’s salsa. Everyone finds it funny that I eat more pica than my companion.

food2 food


I love you all

Hermana Jacob


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