Hola, I don’t have a title again, sorry!

This week was good; I got the box on Friday! Thank you so much! I love everything!

Mattie! I love the ring and the card! And spencer, now I will know if I’m just being a baby or if it’s actually hot outside. Mom & dad, the jewelry is so pretty and I lovvvvvve it! And I want to wear the shirt every day, its perfect for Mexico.  The temple recommend  holder is perfect! Thank you so much, it was like a second birthday! And dad thanks for the spiders and bugs; I’m planning to scare Hermana Rueda, I’ll let you know how it goes.

New shirt; New scarf

New shirt; New scarf

Hermana Rueda loves the scarf, thank you for sending her something; she is super grateful and was freaking out!

Hermana Rueda and her new scarf

Hermana Rueda and her new scarf

Denise! Thank you so much for the candy. I can’t find sour patches here so it was exactly what I needed!

With the package, I got all of dads “dear elders” that he has sent since I’ve been here.  I felt super popular at the junta.

First of all… Ella is super cute!  I kind of cried a little when I saw the picture of her super short hair. I don’t know if it was because it’s so cute or I miss her long hair. Either way,  I think she’s cute!

Dad, my companion doesn’t really like peanut butter and I am totally ok with that. I really don’t want to share. So I might now show her the hotcake peanut butter goodness.  we did have hot cakes once and people here use jam and condensed milk. And it’s almost better.

I’ve started throwing water outside our house in the evenings and its helped a little bit, and I will start using the fan and a wet towel also.  I also make sure I take a cold shower right before bed.  My hair dries super-fast here; it’s kind of crazy.

Mom, the weeks are super-fast. Days are weeks and weeks are days. It’s going really fast and we have cambios at the end of the month, so I’m kinda nervous.

We get to Skype home on May 10th for mother’s day. I can’t wait!

This week we had a cita with Hermano Severo and his family and it was really good, they are almost golden.  They ask lots of questions and always read their chapter. And the three daughters and rosy the mom, all said that they prayed to know if it was true and received their answer. They all know it’s true! But they won’t be baptized and I just want to cry. Being catholic in their family is a tradition so they don’t want to change that and I think they are afraid of changes in their life. But we are working with them. We have a noche hogar this week with them and another family so I hope it all goes well.

I’m sending photos of food so you can all be jealous. The first is enchiladas and the second is tortas. These are the first enchiladas I’ve actually had here. I’m going to be so fat when I get back.





Also this week we had our zone meeting. We have one every month and its only about 3 hours so not crazy long like Devon’s. We also got a new sister from Lehi Utah.  Hermana Mansfield number two. She’s really nice and it’s nice to have another American sister in my zone.  It’s interesting to talk to her and see how much I’ve progressed in 2 months since first coming here.

New Sisters

New Sisters

This other picture is us yesterday on our way to church, sometimes when we are waiting at the bus stop members drive by and we cram into their cars. Yesterday was interesting and it was about 105 degrees in their car. It was a crazy ride but now I have more taco money so it was worth it .

Our ride to church

Our ride to church

Also today I sent letters home so I hope they all get to you safe. And HANA I send you one too. I got your letter Friday! So don’t worry!

Thank you again for a great birthday, I love you all!

Hermana Jacob


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