Birthday (2/24/14)

My birthday was good. We ate tacos and the Garcias brought us hamburgers. It was a good day.  Now I get to officially say I’m 20, it feels good, and plus I’m older than my companion and not a teenager anymore. Mexico was a good place to spend it.



For my birthday I bought myself peanut butter and it’s like home. I missed it so much! Also I think with the money from nana and papa I’m going to start a scrap book of everything, and then maybe buy some more clothes.

This week we taught the Severos family lesson 1 and then went back to see how they were doing a few days later. They read their chapter which was super great, that’s always a sign that they are progressing. They read but it’s hard sometime to help people understand how to pray with real intent and how they can know for themselves that this is true.  I think they are almost afraid to pray and know because the Catholic Church is just a tradition in their family and they don’t want

to disrespect their ancestors almost by not changing churches. But we are working with them and I know they can have a testimony if they pray to know.

MTC buddies

MTC buddies

Today we went to Guadalajara again, this time for my visa. I signed my visa again and it’s good for a year. This also meant that I got another reunion with my amigos from the MTC and it was fun. More English and we got to see Guadalajara a little bit more.

The whole mission in front of the Guadalajara Temple.

The whole mission in front of the Guadalajara Temple.


Answers to your questions:

actually our house can’t stay cool at all. sun shines right into the windows and it’s so hot at nights I have to spray myself with water to fall asleep. Yes, we have a fan. I just have to convince Hermana Rueda that she can sleep with it on.

I love my president, he’s super nice and even though he has about a million missionaries he knows us and cares about us. And Hermana Camarillo is like a mom, she’s so nice and we call her if we are ever not feeling well and she works with us on Spanish and helps us learn things we are struggling with.

Les amo mucho mucho mucho!

hna Jacob



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