A Good Week (2/10/14)


me and my comp 1-2014

Me and my comp

Me and my comp

Ok this week was good.

This morning we had a conference for the new missionaries and I was able to see all my friends.

MTC Roommate reunion

MTC Roommate reunion

This week we had another baptism! His name is Hno. Severo. It was really good and his daughters came and we are going to start teaching them too.

Hermano Severo

Hermano Severo and his daughters

The Garcias came to church!! They were able to watch the Seahawks play in the Super Bowl and it was so good!

investigator w puppies

Dad, it’s true. We are not able to play any sports at all. But we do play volleyball with a towel and water balloons when we have activities. So that is our sports. On p-days we clean our house, wash clothes, buy food, email, and then whatever we else need too. I still haven’t had time to write letters and I’m so sorry to everyone for that, but next week I will for sure. Most p-days I sew things I need to like holes in all my socks and altering a skirt that I bought at a garage sale that was too big.

I found out we don’t get to go to the temple unless we have a family baptized within our first 6 months who decides to go to the temple before we go home.  We actually have an investigator whose novio is less active and they come to church now and I really hope they can get married in the Temple while I’m still here. (She’s the one with the puppy.)

Dad that’s great, I’m glad you’re happy with your new calling. I’m sure you’re great at it and make it interesting. We have a teacher who just reads from the manual and it’s kind of boring.

I want snow here so bad; I’m burning up and siempre roja! Siempre! Everyone always comments on how red I am and asks if I have sun block for the sun. YES! But it’s just hot, they don’t get it.

My area

My area

During the first week or two I actually forgot I had Keens with superfeet. I think I forgot about them because I thought they were ugly. My feet we KILLING me so bad I was walking with a limp, and one time almost fell.  Then I remembered I had the Keens with super feet and it was literally like magic. My feet feel good. I don’t use my Naturalizers as much as I thought just mostly on Sundays when I need pretty shoes.

When I first got here I think it was just chance that I didn’t have very good food. I was getting fed a lot of vegetables boiled together. But no, the food is so good and it’s not actually spicy because they know I’m American. And yes dad, I’m going to learn to make all this great food for sure.

We get church magazines in English and Spanish and I can print from lds.org so I’m set for that. But if you guys want to tell me what discursos to read they would be good too.

Dad, did you share the gospel with your friends? It was a perfect opportunity! I wish I would have done so much more while I was home. I had so many opportunities I didn’t take at work and with other friends. We have a family and they have 4 kids and the mom is sharing the gospel like crazy. We had 5 references in her neighborhood, all from just starting with why they dress up on Sundays and why they need their kids to come inside from playing every Monday night. It’s so great. People know we have something different they just don’t ask sometimes.

halley 1-2014

I love it here, it’s still hard and the language is frustrating but I know because this is the Lord’s work he is helping me every day. This week we made a goal to never sit together on camiones and talk to people. I can talk to people with my companion because when I can’t understand she steps in. I was nervous and did it. It was a tender mercy of the lord that both people that day were super super nice and receptive and patient with my Spanish. For me it was Heavenly Father saying that I could do this.

I love you all,

hna Jacob




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