Crazy Super Good Week (2/3/2014)

This week has been crazy but super good.

New Casa

New Casa

We moved casas this week. It’s pretty much exactly the same as our last but a bit nicer. We each get our own closet. And it’s a pretty color. I forgot to take pictures. I will this week.  This week I also went on transfers with the sister mission leader. I don’t know what it’s called in English. But it was good. Their area was a little sketchier than ours and not as pretty. I’m super grateful for my area. But it was good. I learned a lot. It was good to learn how other people teach and plan. But it was nice to be home after the fact too.

splits on the last week of Jan 2014

splits on the last week of Jan 2014

We have transfers this month and I hope I don’t have to leave this area. Our zone meeting is this week so I’ll get all my letters! It’s sad I don’t get them more often.

This week I’ve been talking to more people, getting over my fear. And like Nana and Papa said, I can use my whiteness as an advantage. I don’t think I answered this last week but my new favorite thing would have to be the food. I love it so much. We eat so so so much. They stuff me so full I feel so sick afterwards. I’m doing a better job now at asking for less food than my comp but it’s still hard. And Nana I always finish everything on my plate, every time, don’t worry. However, I don’t really like their drinks. They don’t like to drink straight water very much and they blend up random fruit into their water. I think that is weird.

I’ve talked about the Garcia family before. They feed us tacos and they are not active but they are the nicest people ever. They helped us move all our stuff.  Yesterday morning, before church, I made a ¨righteous exchange´ with hno Garcia. If the Seahawks won he would go to church. I’ve never prayed so hard for a sports team to win. I am so happy!!

Also random, but for other sisters reading this I have a few pointers. Buy suit jackets/blazers. You will need them for interviews and for mission reunions and meetings. Buy some demi Downeast shirts. They save me every day when I need something under my shirt on my shoulders but I don’t want another layer. I will think of more things this week. If anyone has ANY questions just email me.

Thanks for everyone’s emails and I hope this week I’ll get the other letters. I love you all so much. Study your scriptures every day!! Con Amor,

Hna Jacob

noemi baptism

noemi baptism

Noemi Baptism

Noemi Baptism


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