Week 4! (1/27/14)

We have a baptism this week… A 11 year old girl named Noemi.  I’m so excited.  We had 4 investigators at church on Sunday. My favorite thing ever is seeing people progress and I love the first lesson with people because I can see them feel the spirit and I just want for them so much to know the truth and know Christ. Here in Mexico all the members talk about missionary work like a lot. Every Sunday we have a lesson on being member missionaries. It’s different than home, there’s just a lot more emphasis on missionary work here. And for that I am so grateful because we have the encouragement of the members and they all help so much.

halley area 2 halley area my area (halley)

So I need to tell you about my area. It’s Juntas and the zone is Tlaquepaque. I think I told you different last time or spelled it wrong. But here we have the typical Mexico everyone imagines and we have some nicer places. It’s like night and day and you can tell who has money and who doesn’t. Most houses are the same for the most part. Kitchen, living and dining are the same room and then 2 more rooms and a small bathroom. Or the nicer houses have a second floor. All neighborhoods have fences around them but the nice ones actually use them. And like Devon said, everyone has a gate around their house…well, most people. We have 4 locks on our house. Everyone here has a store coming out of their house. Like a paper store or a little food mart or a table with sweets or they have a taco stand. Most people have something like that so there are little stores everywhere to buy groceries and even clothes stores along the street on the sidewalks. And there are so many taco stands. We aren’t supposed to eat there because it’s not sanitary or something so we don’t for the most part but there is a less active family (the ones with the puppies) and we go get tacos from them a few times a week and they are so good! She is going to teach me how to make them!

People here don’t use ovens or dishwashers.. I haven’t seen a flour tortilla anywhere. And everyone asks me if we have tortillas in the US and what I eat every day. Everyone has puppies and there are dogs everywhere. Like everywhere. There aren’t as many bugs as I thought there would be so that’s a plus. The cockroaches aren’t as big as I thought they would be.

There are some parts of town that look like “Nacho Libre”. And last night I saw a man walking around with his bass and his traditional get-up. People even carry big bags of chips around. But there are some parts of town that are pretty nice. People have cars, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, bikes, and those bike cart things like “Nacho Libre” for when people sell things on the street. Also people still ride horses for transportation and there are places to tie up your horse.

Tell Devon he is spoiled. His house it pretty nice.

I’m sorry for the short random letter. I’ll have more to write next week.

I love you all,

Hermana Jacob



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