It’s my two week birthday!! (1/20/14)

Last p-day we had to go to Guadalajara to sign my visa extension paperwork and got so lost (but it was fun). I’m getting better at looking natural on the crazy buses.

DSC00062 DSC00074

We eat a lot of tacos and after the first time people meet me or know I’m from the US they want to feed me hamburgers. I’m actually eating the tomatoes and pineapple, you would all be so proud of me. Also mom, we have garage sales here too! I got a new skirt, it was pretty great.

There aren’t a lot of people here who speak English and when they do they know the greetings and a couple words. So yeah I’m stuck speaking Spanish. It’s coming along. I can teach my lessons and share my thoughts well and understand the gist of things. It’s when we aren’t talking about the gospel that I have trouble understanding. So I just nod a lot and smile and say si when I think I should. My companion speaks a little English and I’m teaching her more. But she just translates things for me in Spanish just way slower than everyone else speaks. I’m so glad I have her.

DSC00091 DSC00089 DSC00082

Everyone asks if my hair in natural and they also ask me if I’ve been to the White House and know the President of the United States. They don’t often know another Washington exists. So I say it’s above California and they know. Also little kids run up to me and ask if I’m from the US and tell me to talk in English. I’m kind of a celebrity. No big. And my name is a book in the Book of Mormon.


Mi casa


Mi casa

This week we found out me have to move houses. So we have been house hunting and have to move down a street because the land lords needs the house or something. So that’s been fun.

I love everyone’s emails and hearing what’s happening at home. I love you all so much!!

con amor,

hna Jacob


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