Merry Late Christmas (12/26/2013)

Merry Late Christmas! I love you all and thanks for all the pictures and emails!

Before I get to Christmas I just have to mention that I gave my first talk in Spanish in church last week. I was freaking out but it went well. It was about enduring to the end, except there was a point where I was going to read from Nephi and I couldn’t read the verse I had planned so I picked a super random one and I had no idea what it was saying and I read it. No one even noticed, so even though it made no sense it went well.

our snowman

our snowman

So on Christmas Eve we woke up to a snowman, taller than me, right in front of our door on the 3rd floor. The Elders had made it that morning for us. I think it was supposed to be kind of a prank, but it made us all so happy, except for later that night when it started melting and we had to mop it all up so it wouldn’t freeze under the door and trap us in our apartment. Also, in our district we had secret Santas. We have been planning for like a month. We put all the gifts under out little tree (that I hid in the kitchen pantry). It was so funny because everyone picked up on things that everyone wanted with our limited selection at the bookstore on west campus.

Secret Santa Time

Secret Santa Time

That night after class we had our devotional and got to hear from Elder Evans from the Quorum of the Seventy and it was so good!

Christmas morning we woke up early and ate the most amazing granola ever and opened all our presents. They were all so great and I can use everything in Mexico! Everyone is obsessed with my necklaces and my scarves. And my district is excited for the HLJ rings (Spanish CTR rings).

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning

Hermana Mansfield was in the talent show with a poem she wrote. I got to feel all talented sitting on the side stage with her. After she did an amazing job, we had lunch then choir practice. For the devotional we sang “Where Shepherds Lately Knelt”, which is not my favorite song. We were able to hear from Elder Bednar!!! I know right, I kinda stopped breathing when he walked in. When he walked in everything changed, and the spirit was so strong! We were broadcast to all MTCs excluding two. He said he wanted to have a question and answer session, so he passed out 200 red cell phones, trusting we wouldn’t call home, and told us to text him questions he would get on his IPad, and the other MTCs would email them in.

He is just so amazing and gave amazing answers to everything, which pretty much answered everything I wanted to know. I really didn’t want it do end. When he would answer something he would always find a way to tie it back to the atonement.

One thing I really got out of it was that we need to just go out and do. Have faith in Heavenly Father and the guidance we will receive from Him. Once He sees our faith He will help us, but we can’t just expect anything to happen without work on our part. As we come to know God more our perspective will change and we will be better able to understand His will for us. His love for us is insane. Christ, the God of the universe who created worlds without number still knows us so so well. One on one is the hallmark characteristic of Christ and when we can understand that we can know the love that he has for us individually.

It was so amazing, and after the Devotional we got to listen to a jazz band play Christmas music and then we got to watch the Mo Tab Christmas program and they passed out 18 hundred bags of popcorn for us. Overall it was an amazing Christmas.

I hope everyone is doing great and recovering from the hundreds of cinnamon rolls they ate (back at home). I love you all so much! Happy Birthday Mom. And thank you Nana and Papa for the emails! I hope you had a great Christmas!

con mucho mucho amor

Hermana Jacob

All our goodies from everyone who loves us!

All our goodies from everyone who loves us!


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