Vegas is for Missionaries (12/19/2013)

How is everyone!? Thanks for all the letters! I hope I have enough time to write everything! Christmas is so great here!

Last week we were able to have a devotional where the BYU men’s choir came. They were so good and my companion’s cousin was there singing! Also we were able to hear from Elder Rasband who is like one of my favorite and it was amazing. He talked about spiritual gifts and how we need to figure out what those are so we can share them with others on our mission.

Goodbye Christmas tree.

Downside of this week, they made a rule about no trees in apartments. I fought it for a while but in the end obedience is the key. Even if maybe there are rules that seem silly, God will bless us for following them. So we “planted” our tree outside, he looks like he’s always been there. So we strung the Christmas tree lights on the wall. I have to say it’s a lot better than I thought it would be. I am so thankful for those lights! Also a downside of this week, most of my friends that I’ve made here, that aren’t in my zone, have left. But that’s ok, they are all going off to do amazing work and change people lives, and they will all do amazingly!

Hello new Christmas tree!

Hello new Christmas tree!

All 11 of us at the airport.

All 11 of us at the airport.

DSCN1789 DSCN1784 DSCN1398

So as you can see, we were able to go to Vegas yesterday as a mission. Most everyone going to Guadalajara East went yesterday, minus those who didn’t get there visa papers in early enough.  We got up around 3:30am and caught a plane to Vegas. When we were there a senior elder missionary picked us up and while we waited for our appointment at the consulate he gave us tips on Mexico. Once it was our turn for our appointment, all they did was scan our fingers and take a picture. Which, I didn’t realize was for the actual visa so I didn’t smile and I look like I’m going to cry. pero, no importa. Then we flew back to SLC and got home around 9pm. So it was a long day but it was super fun.

It’s so crazy to me being a real missionary out in public. I kind of just realized how everyone looks at us, and I just realized that no matter their judgment, it’s because I am walking with the saviors name on my badge and I couldn’t be more proud. It’s surprising how many people are Mormon and how many people aren’t but who still ask us questions. I did realize placing a Book of Mormon is harder than I thought it would be. There was this lady who, when she realized we were sisters missionaries, started crying and she gave us money. She was so nice. Nice doesn’t even describe her. Her light was amazing and she wouldn’t stop talking about how grateful she was for us and the missionary work she does when she can. It is people like her that make us feel a little less homesick and proud to be serving.

Something I learned this week was about feeling the spirit. I think I’ve been stressing a little too much about not feeling it guide me as much as I thought it should, but we watched an old MTC talk by Elder Bednar and he just kind of said to stop worrying about it right now. If we are obedient and worthy then the spirit with guide us even if we don’t realize it. He talked about the 20 Mark note which is a super awesome story. So instead of worrying if things are my own thoughts or His, I have decided to just go with whatever I feel is right and then after I act I will receive a testimony that it was something that the lord needed me to do. And since I decided this it’s been so great. If it’s good then it’s worth doing. It kept coming back to me and I just realized that even if I doubt weather a feeling or thought is not from the spirit then I should still follow through on that feeling. Sometimes the Lord needs us to act on our faith.

I’ll try not to be too home sick. But I’ve kind of realized that even if I am homesick I can just think of the reason of Christmas is the birth of Christ and I am so privileged to be wearing that name on my tag. How better could someone celebrate? I love you all so much!!! And I hope you will have a great Christmas!


Hermana Jacob

This one is for Christi!

This one is for Christi!


Love these missionaries!


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