Week 3 (12/12/2013)

Our little Christmas tree

Our little Christmas tree

Last week we were able to go get a tree and pretty much everyone at the CCM is super jealous. Thank you so much mom for the lights it didn’t looked quite like Christmas before we got them and now it’s perfect. We are making paper ornaments and I made a star out of a coat hanger.

Christmas tree excursion

Christmas tree excursion

Thank you everyone, and Cass, and Kevin and B for the food! Our pantry is full of food and I will never be hungry again. It’s so great! Thank you so so so much!

Tuesday for devotional we were able to hear Quintin L Cook speak to us and it was so great! We have pretty much the luckiest group on MTC missionaries. We have had 2 general authorities and we get 2 from the quorum of the 12 or 1st presidency on Christmas. If it is Uchdorf, Bednar, Eyring, Monson, or Holland I will cry!!! Also for Devotional I was in the choir and we sang “The First Noel”; it was the prettiest thing ever. So I sang to an Apostle of the Lord. NBD. Also I so happened to be sitting in seat that was on camera a lot. So when it zoomed in on me, my face turned bright red and my ears felt like they were on fire. BUT it was a broadcast devotional so Devon can see me again! And Again on Christmas! So I really hope he will, but Devon, don’t laugh too hard at my red face!

A little tender mercy of the Lord happened leaving devotional that night. We crammed about a million people onto a bus because it was like -5 outside and the bus driver played Imagine Dragons. No lie! I was so excited tears kind of came out of my face. It was so great. Heavenly father knew I needed that; I’ve been so deprived.

hermanadaniellecorbridge.blogspot.com My Hermana has a blog you should check out.

christmas tree excursion

So I’m sooooo glad I brought my knife. I’ve used it more these past 3 weeks then ever when we were camping. You can see I used it to chip the ice off the tree. And I’ve used it as an ice cream scoop, and to fix Hermana’s belts, and to eat pretty much everything.

I’ve only made like 5 elders cry at 4 square this week. But this week I guess the bubble we have been using has deflated and so we have been playing volleyball instead, I’m getting so much better.

Study time playing "Spot It"

Study time playing “Spot It”

My district is so funny. We are all getting pretty good at Spanish. We can now make fun of each other. But when we can’t, it come out like “come se dice nobody cares?’ They are all so great. Everyone makes fun of me because I fall so often and because when I get excited I can’t get my words out and I just make weird sounds. Hermana Shirley thinks that’s the greatest thing ever. It happened so often because I don’t have my mom to tell me to show down when I talk,

Sounds like Devon is doing good! I talk about him a lot and miss him like crazy. I feel like whenever if feeling down or frustrated Devon would know just what to say. So I pretend I just got a pep talk from him and I’m good to go.

I love you all so much!!

I hope you are getting my letters and thank you for the “dearelders” everyone, I feel so loved.

Hermana Jacob

On the bus to main campus.

On the bus to main campus.


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