Week 2 of the CCM (12/5/2013)


Thanksgiving was amazing. We didn’t hear from Elder Holland but Elder Russell M. Nelson came and it was so good! The spirit in the room when he walked in was amazing! He taught us about missionary work (believe it or not). After he spoke we had a few super cool musical numbers; one was music from Harry Potter so it made my day; an elder played the theme song on the piano like a boss. Then we were able to do a service project with Helping Hands and we all put together about 350,208 lentil casseroles for kids in Utah who need food for the weekends. An article about the service project was in dessert news so you should totally find the article. It was so crazy and fun! Then we were able to watch “Ephraim’s Rescue”. It was actually really good; kind of cheesy jokes but still good. It was a continuation of “17 Miracles”. The guy who played Haymitch in the YouTube “Hunger Games” videos is it in which made me happy. The movie also tells the story of my companion’s ancestor as well! It was so great!

Thanksgiving service project.

Thanksgiving service project.

On main campus I saw Elder Bell and the Williams’ cousin! We had a little Silverdale reunion.

So our mock investigator “moved to California” so he didn’t get baptized. So how this works in there are CCM workers who play the role of investigators and we teach them. Our investigator “Antonio” became out teacher and how we have two new investigators and it’s getting harder and harder to get in the door on our first visits. But it’s so good. We know a lot of vocab so we can get our message across but our grammar is pretty bad. But it’s the spirit that talks most of the time so I’m glad.

So a cool little fact; we are going to be the second ever “shipment” of American Hermanas to Guadalajara East! It’s so cool. And yes Hermana Mansfield is coming with me along with almost all the Elders except one and one of my sisters; they are going to Napa Idaho! I love my district so much even though I don’t always get along with everyone all the time. I also found out that the sisters aren’t allowed to live in the city of Guadalajara which bums me out a lot but it’s because it’s not very safe I guess.

A fun weird thing happened to me this week. We were watching movies on stress and were talking about how to manage our time better and there was one clip on the video with elders and sister being interviewed at the MTC and lo and behold Shane Hanson showed up (A friend of mine from school). It was the weirdest thing ever. I was kind of staring at the ground spacing out and I heard his little lisp, it was pretty crazy. So I don’t know if he knows but someone tell him!

When we have exercise time in the bubbles we play mainly four square. Four square is not my most favorite thing in the world! But apparently I’m pretty good. I can take on pretty much any Elder. It was funny at first; the Elders didn’t want to play with us because we were girls and then when they did they went easy on us. Now though they are trying their hardest to stay in the game. We also play volleyball sometimes and I would play futsal but Hermanas aren’t allowed to play anymore because the games got too competitive between the Hermanas and Elders.  It’s stupid, but if I had other sisters who wanted to play with me we could, but we don’t have enough to make 2 teams. I will hopefully send pictures of 4 square next week.

Bubbles where we exercise.

Bubbles where we exercise.

My district is kind of like “Glee”. We burst into song all the time. We have some reallllllly good singers. Two of them are trying out to sing at a devotional and the Elders always beat box hymns. It’s kind of cool. We also have secret Santa’s established and I have an Elder & I have no idea what to get him! We have a Christmas countdown going in our district. We are going to get a tree today hopefully.  Dee and Christi will appreciate this; we have masking take what we bounce back and forth for fun.

DSCN2870 Lights on Main MTC campus

It snowed here a couple of days ago and on the second day of snow I wore my boots. I didn’t get 20 feet out the door before I fell and cut my knee. All of that debating before I left home about whether to bring boots (so I wouldn’t slip in my flats) and it happened anyway.  It’s ok. Hermana Mansfield lets me hold onto her so I don’t fall anymore.

Let it snow!

Let it snow!

Today is our first p-day.  We got sack breakfasts and then we are going to go clean our apartment then do laundry, then take a field trip to the main MTC campus to go shopping.  It’s going to be fun and thankfully it’s not snowing today. Today we will also go get our tree then write letters. We have class tonight and we get to teach an investigator again.

Laundry time.

Laundry time.


Thank you for the letters! They made my day. The day I got them I was feeling a little down because I was frustrated with an Elder in my district and frustrated with the way a lesson just went. It was perfect! Thank you so much! Mattie you look so good! Your teeth are perfect! You’re too pretty now! And mom and dad I love you so much!  I love you more and more every day. An Elder in my ward had a mom who has terminal cancer and he still left for him mission and his testimony of eternal families is so amazing and I am so thankful for him and it just makes me appreciate you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you and when I think about it I just want to shut down. But elder Toala is so strong and his testimony makes me appreciate family so much!

Cool note;  he is from Washington and is going to play football for UW when he gets back.

I can get letters and ‘dearelder’ letters every day (my district leader is obsessed with checking the mail) and we can only read and reply for emails for one hour on p-days. So I love letters! And Ella! My whole district things you’re adorable and they love your picture! Sorry for the horrible typing I’m going too fast. So mom feel free to edit before letting everyone read it.:) I hope I answered everyone’s questions and if I didn’t I’ll hopefully write you. I love you all so much! And I love Devon’s emails I get! I love love love you all!!

con amor,

Hermana Jacob




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