MTC Thanksgiving (1st Missionary Email home) 11/27/2013


I love the CCM so much! It’s so amazing and everyone is wonderful! Because I am speaking Spanish they sent me to live on the West campus which is so great because everyone here is going Spanish speaking so we have our own cute little community. We are living in Wyview apartments which is so nice. I am glad we don’t have to stay in dorms. (Also, so sorry if this is really bad spelling and grammar, I don’t have too much time and I have so much to say!!) I have been able to go to the main MTC campus for the devotional on Sunday and the one last night. It is about a 30 minute walk and it’s freezing cold but it’s nice and it’s nice to see everyone there instead of being isolated all the time. Our classrooms have been made out of apartments and our ¨classroom apartment¨ has two other districts in it. Our classroom is the living room of the apartment with a makeshift folding wall that I’ve only had  fall on me once. In my district there are my companion and I and another set of hermanas as well as five elders. Our district is the biggest I’v seen here. In our district everyone is going to Guadalajara East except one hermana and one elder, who are going to Nampa, Idaho. Yea Idaho!! I love everyone and, believe it or not, I’m not even sick of my companion; I love her so much!

Me and my companion

Hermana Mansfeild is my companion and her voice sounds exactly like Jennifer Lawrence. (It is a tender mercy of the Lord because he knows I’m missing “Catching Fire”! :) ) She’s also the biggest Harry Potter nerd I know, which is kinda the biggest compliment I can give anyone. She also reminds me a lot of our good family friend, Diana, and I love that!!  Yesterday as we were walking, she told me she once found a crab in her room and then she just happened to mention that it was when her and her sister were sleeping in a tent in her room  pretending they were in the 7th Harry Potter book. no big deal. hahaah! I love her and the other hermanas we live with, they are so great!

Since it is Thanksgiving tomorrow,  our whole day is planned and packed with awesomeness. So we are taking our study time today to email and write letters and do laundry. (Sorry if this is so jumbled; I just have so much to say and so little time!)

On our second day here at the MTC we taught our investigator Antonio. We went in with nothing but out Spanish scriptures, and I think it went pretty well with our limited Spanish. Yesterday we committed him to baptism! It was so amazing. I’ve come to realize that I don’t need to stress so much about not knowing the language perfectly because the spirit will help me remember what I have learned and what Antonio needs to here. About 30 minutes ago we had our last meeting with him and we set a date for December 7th. I wanted to cry I was so happy. It’s honestly amazing how much I’v learned so far. I’m not perfect, in the least, but I can get every message across that I need too. It’s usually not in the right tense and it’s all not in order but people understand me. But I will boast not of myself but of my God.

There’s a rumor that tomorrow Elder Holland is coming to speak to us and we are all so excited. It’s like Christmas!!! Last Christmas Elder Bednar came and gave a devotional about the character of Christ.

I watched this talk and it honestly changed my perspective on life and I would love EVERYONE to read it and study it; it would make me so happy if you would! It was so so amazing.



Bubbles where we exercise.

Bubbles where we exercise.

I am loving it here at the CCM. My day starts at about 6am.  We have breakfast at 6:45. I was a little worried about the food here but it is actually not bad. I eat salad a lot. I’m being healthy! :) After breakfast we have class then we teach Antonio. Then we have study time. Then more study time. After study time we have gym everyday. We have gym in these new huge white bubbles. It’s great that we don’t have to be out in the cold. We also have lots of district and zone meetings during the week. It’s so exciting. We don’t have much free time but I’m having such a good time and I’m learning so much and my testimony is growing more than I thought it would in just one week. I love you all and I miss you so much!!

FYI; I can get e-mails everyday but I just can’t respond until p-day (Thursdays).  I can get & respond to letters throughout the week. And I love getting real mail.;)

Hermana Jacob


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